Oscillating Tower Fans for a Cooler Air Anywhere

The favorite season- summer-is here. But hot and warm belong only to the beach, not at home or office where coolness is a requirement to be cozy. The warm climate has penetrated our inside making us want for something cool. No need to worry because aside from air condition, there is an alternative called oscillating tower fan. If this is not found in your vocabulary, read on to find out what oscillating tower fan is and what are its features and uses.

Oscillating tower fans are a breakthrough. Generally, they are like ordinary electric fans, but with more high tech features, that give off air or breeze to cool down the warm temperature inside a room or an office to avoid the menace of hot weather-sweating or perspiration.

Generally oscillating tower fan has its own features setting it apart from ordinary electric fans. Oscillating tower fans are floor-standing fans, hence the term tower. It can cool down without interfering one?s sense of hearing because it moves air without generating too much noise, unlike ordinary electric fans. The wind blades are not of typical type. Some are generated by Turbo Wind, for instance.

It can move more amount of air than ordinary electric fans do without taking up a lot of space. This unique feature allows the fan to cool down what it purports to cool down.

It has auto speed that adjusts to room temperature making individuals inside the room feel cool without feeling cold. It has many cooling speeds, hence, it adjusts to the cooling needs of individuals inside the room. Aside from auto speed, it has natural wind modes that allow it to alternate between different speeds, depending on the cooling needs of individuals.

Although it is called oscillating, its oscillating mode can be turned off allowing the fresh breeze to rotate to other parts of the room, thereby cooling them down.

Its high features include, having remote control, sleep timer and LCD display. These high tech features may not be found in other oscillating tower fans but a greater number of oscillating tower fans have the mentioned three features.

By this cooling fan, individuals can not only get rid of sweating or irritation but diseases associated with hot weather as well. Hence, oscillating tower fans are must have during summer and whenever coolness is needed. Buy any brand of it online or at your favorite stores and cool down this summer.

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Cat Ceiling Fan

With skyrocketing heating, electrical and gas bills going green is popping up in the back of most minds these days. Simple adjustments are making a bigger impact than originally expected creating more than a few positive results. For instance, a/c units are a big part of the problem detracting from our environment on many levels. Keeping a room cool enough in uncomfortably hot weather is a hard task to tackle if you dont have the luxury of central air conditioning or a simple a/c window unit. However, replacing them with a more practical approach is actually possible. Using a ceiling fan is the perfect choice for not only energy conservation but also a retro ambiance that most folks appreciate. The oscillating three-speed option of a ceiling fan draws the hot air from its stagnant motionless form and lifts it up and throughout the room mixing the cooler air with the hot air making a once stifling space into a pleasant atmosphere. In addition there are no fluorocarbons to ingest and you can keep the windows open allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your space.


There are so many choices of different styles of ceiling fans out there from sports themed to sleek modern looking propellers. However, animal themed ceiling fans have become more and more popular particularly the cat ceiling fan. The cat ceiling fan is nice addition to a room for anyone who loves cats, especially those felines that have become full fledged family members over the years. However, one doesn’t have to have any interest in cats whatsoever to own a cat ceiling fan. It is simply a fun whimsical piece of moving furniture.


A cat ceiling fan is available in many choices of color including brown, white, black and orange representing most popular breeds. In addition there are great cat ceiling fan pulls that really wrap up the whole theme. These pulls display one or two cats hanging below the cat ceiling fan instantly drawing ones eye up to the ceiling. Each fan works quietly and is fairly simple to install. The efficiency of a cat ceiling fan, or any ceiling fan for that matter, is the amount of blades, power capability and overall structure albeit wood, plastic or metal. One must also take into account features such as belt, gear or direct drive motors. A cat ceiling fan can be handmade and painted with a price tag in the five hundred dollar range however most run anywhere from one hundred to three hundred. Plus, some motors can be noisier than others and make take some getting used to. If it is at all possible try to see your cat ceiling fan working in the store or research the motor it comes with on the Internet for some customer reviews.


That said, with the windows open a cat ceiling fan has the capability to keep most homes cool enough to avoid having to use air conditioning; a smart choice with efficiency and style for a fraction of the cost.


All About Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire ceiling fans promise the best air management systems and products for today and the future. The modern ceiling fans of Minka Aire reflect the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and hard work that only Minka Group can deliver. Jessica McClintock, Kathy Ireland, and George Kovacs are just some of the designers that help Minka Aire continuously establish their reputation as the best ceiling fan manufacture not only in the country, but across the globe as well.


There is a growing demand for multi-functional appliances and furniture for the home. Appliances that perform their main function while offering an aesthetic value are considered to be trendy and hot in the past couple of years. Versatility is characteristic of Minka Aire ceiling fans. Most of their contemporary ceiling fans are cutting edge and fashionable that you might mistake them as purely decorative pieces that are suspended from the ceiling. The beauty that it adds to any room where it is installed makes Minka Aire a favorite among homeowners who are passionate about art and design. It should be noted that Minka Aire products are not only pleasing to the eye, but are highly impressive when it comes to its performance too.


You may think that because of its funky and cutting edge designs that Minka ceiling fans are all for show. On the contrary, the overall performance of their ceiling fan as a cooling and heating mechanism is truly remarkable. The people from Minka make sure that they do not compromise quality just because they want to produce ingenious designs and styles. They were able to match ingenious design with unmatched performance.


The materials that make up Minka ceiling fans are known to be nothing but the best. They know that in order to properly function as a ceiling fan, they need to incorporate the use of only quality components. The motor in Minka ceiling fans are known to be of sturdy construction. They go through the highest of quality control standards to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


The features found in most Minka ceiling fan models are hard to ignore. If you are looking for unique ceiling fans with lights, you have come to the right place. The dedication put into each and every Minka Aire ceiling fan is made evident by the integration of powerful motor and energy efficient lighting fixtures in their fans. The reliability and durability of Minka Aire proves to be one of the major selling points of their products. Aside from the exceptional design, the extra heavy duty construction material and sophisticated features that they were able to incorporate are what most customers like about Minka Aire products.


These are considered the best sellers from Minka Aire:



The Artemis made Minka Aire famous and has helped establish the company as a smart builder of ceiling fans. It has a three blade system that facilitates maximum airflow and air management in living rooms and other indoor spaces inside the house. The unique and never-seen-before design of the blades made it famous among consumers who are seeking for updated contemporary ceiling fans. The Artemis comes in 9 different finishes to fit the taste and needs of various consumers.•



The Gyro ceiling fan model is probably one of the most modern ceiling fans in the market, with a touch of a traditional look on the side. Gyros are undeniably suited as outdoor ceiling fans. The sterling walnut finish matches perfectly in the porch or gazebo that you may have at the back of your home. The Gyro is a high performance twin turbo ceiling fan that provides circulation from two fan terminals. It features six blades, three for each of the two fan head that are placed on opposite ends of the motor casing. It also has a lighting fixture so you can have extra illumination if you’re relaxing in your porch on a warm summer’s night.


Concept II

It was Minka Aire’s Concept II series that made a name for the company. The simple design and high efficiency easily converted the Concept II into a household name. Even rival ceiling fan manufacturers like Hunter Ceiling Fans and Emerson Ceiling Fans were trying to mimic and copy the design and function of the ceiling fan models under Concept II. However, due to a patent that was registered by Minka Aire, no company aside from the Minka Group can make use of the designs of Concept II series ceiling fans.Concept II fans are flush mount ceiling fans. They are ideal for small and limited living spaces. The Concept II comes with a manual so you eliminate need of paying a professional to do the installation for you. Lastly, Concept II ceiling fans are easy to control as they include a wall mount and a remote control system as well.Aside from Minka Aire ceiling fan models, there are also those that are manufactured by other companies that are equally fashionable, functional, fun, and substantially more affordable.


Hunter Ceiling Fans.

You can never go wrong as this company has been around for many decades and have a solid record of durability and dependability. If you value quality and craftsmanship, the Harbor Breeze is definitely the brand that you can trust on. You can simply go to Lowe’s if you’re interested in checking out the many ceiling fan styles and designs that store carries. Products from Craftmade are considered the closest rival of Minka Aire ceiling fans. This company has been operating since 2008 and is already making a name for itself. The contemporary ceiling fans that they feature are made of quality materials as well. If you’re looking for more traditional ceiling fan styles, your best bet is to purchase a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Their products are easy to install and are known to be energy efficient too.


Emerson Ceiling Fans.

The clean designs and simple styles of Emerson ceiling fans are from more than a hundred years of expertise in the construction of ceiling fans. You will definitely get the bang for your buck once you make the wise decision of purchasing Emerson ceiling fans instead.


Ceiling fans for kids

A ceiling fan could reduce the danger of SIDS to 72%. What is SIDS? SIDS stand for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is a horrible nightmare for any parents. This syndrome can happen to any infant between 1 months to 1 year old which leads to death while asleep. However, according to an investigation in 2008 by the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, using a ceiling fan could actually lower that danger significantly.



The recent theory of SIDS that is getting a lot of attention is while sleeping, a child can inhale the CO2 they have breathed out. A ceiling fan could circulate the air therefore help the infant to breathe in a more clean and good quality air.


You can use the ceiling fan to decorate your kid’s room since tons of colors, sizes and designs you can choose from. The shape or design of the kid’s ceiling fan can base on your current kid’s room theme or you can pick one that relates to your children’s interests and hobbies. They usually have kid-friendly blades which are the shapes of animals, starts, airplanes or other countless designs that obviously will grab the kid’s attention. They can also be a distraction for the child from crying. You can also turn the fan off when you feel necessary.


One of the best kids celling ceiling fans is the Bloom BL52W-PNK Ceiling Fan from Craftmade. The whole design of this ceiling fan is flower which is perfect for a little girl. With this 52 inch by Bloom ceiling fan that comes with light feature will truly look beautiful in your kid’s room. It also has upper and lower blades which are independently. You can choose the combinations of colors in 4. Pink and green, pink and white, cherry and translucent, black and translucent. All 4 color combinations can go well with any décor of the room. This fan is run by 3 different speed and reversible motor which can be adjusted or turn on/off by the remote control which comes with the product for more convenience.


ceiling fan reviews

What’s a best ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is a device that rotates to cool people efficiently by introducing slow air movement into the hot air, giving evaporative cooling effect. Today's ceiling fans are more energy-saving, light and stylish. Outdoor and indoor ceiling fans keep the air moving and help to keep your home relaxed in summer and winter.


Why should you choose the ceiling fan for your Home? A ceiling fan is designed to circulate air in a room. Air conditioners just chill air, while ceiling fans push air around, which means that they're helpful for both heating and cooling. In bedrooms, ceiling fans encourage restful sleep without one running air conditioning. On open or screened porch, ceiling fans can create refreshing retreats just be certain that it's rated for wet or damp locations. Getting the most out of a ceiling fan is by selecting the right size.


Additionally, air circulation makes the room feel larger and lighter. To accomplish this effect, you require a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are ideal since they actually rotate air throughout the room, eliminating the cold air pockets during e winter and producing a chill effect during summer. A well-constructed, properly sized ceiling fan can make your home extra comfortable at a higher temperature in the summer and develop air circulation all year-round. Yet when walking into ceiling fan sections of a store, the number of options available can be devastating; however, understanding what to look for in a fixture makes it easier to narrow down your options before getting started, one should measure the length and width of his/her room so as to determine its square footage. This information is necessary when buying a ceiling fan what should you look for before buying a ceiling fan?



You should opt for ceiling fans with temperature adjusting fixtures since they speed up and slow down as needed without any interference. No each ceiling fan comes with light kits, hence if overhead lighting is essential, choose a ceiling fan with this choice. With a room that has a tall ceiling or a larger space, you should have a central wall control or a remote to allow you to change the fan's rotation, speed and lights when necessary. The ceiling fan should be able to change rotation directions for different times: either counter-clockwise during summer or clockwise during winter. Multiple speed setting is also a good feature.



Everyone wants their fan to save them money on their energy bill. You should look for a low-profile fan with an energy usage of sixty watts or lower. This wattage does not include lights, so if you buy a fan with lights, take the energy spent by the lights into thought. Airflow is another factor since the best ceiling fans have airflow of more than 4,000 cubic feet per minute, a scale that's rated by Air Movement